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Our Clinic is a world class provider of dental implants

Our staff members are American trained Bilingual Doctors. Each of our doctors is dedicated to continued education program that expands their knowledge of the dental field. With more than 44 years of Dental Practice, 32 years of experience in Implant Dentistry, and more than 20,000 implants placed to date, our knowledge and experience exceeds any other practice in Costa Rica.

We designed our Clinic to offer a comfortable and friendly environment for patients and staff. We have the latest equipment and offer the most up to date technologies available, helping Insure successful treatments. We have and on-site Dental lab attached to the Clinic for fast and reliable dental reconstructions. this year we added the first of its kind, Casa Marco Dental Recovery Center, an on-site haven for those patients who wish minimal traveling time and want to be closer to their Dental experts for the duration of their treatment.

Our History Of Leadership

Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallini, in conjunction with another surgeon, was the first Dentist to place a Implant in Costa Rica back in  May of 1980. Later, Dr. Cavallini and Dr. Marco Muñoz Peralta were the first Dentists to place Immediate One Stage Osteocompressive permanent Implants in Costa Rica and continue to lead in the implementation of new technologies, procedures, and protocols.

Cutting Edge Technology

All of our Dental Implants are made of Titanium and Zirconium Dioxide, and are ADA and FDA approved. We are the first Dental Clinic to offer Zirconium Dioxide One Stage Implants in Costa Rica from Z-Systems USA and we are pioneers ion Immediate Load Implants.
We have distribution rights in Costa Rica for OCO Biomedical Dental Implants, Tatum Dental Implants, and Z-systems Implants. In some cases our Implants can be placed with “a no Flap and no suture Technique,” in just minutes: a painless procedure saving our patients time and money.
The Unipost Design in Tatum Dental, OCO Biomedical immediate dental implants, Z-Systems and Ultimatics do not require extra abutments or Prosthetic Components: these savings are translated directly to our patients. We are the only Dental Clinic in Costa Rica to work with BOTH one stage (immediate) AND two Stage (delayed) Dental Implants.

Affordable and Safe

We are located in Costa Rica, a safe and peaceful country. Costa Rica is one of the most convenient travel locations for medical tourism and provides a safe, comfortable, and convenient travel experience.

State of the Art Facility

Our facilities are state of the art, with the newest high-Tech Equipment. We continue to add new technologies as they become available making us the leader in dental surgery providers in Costa Rica.

The Finest in Post-Op Care

With all of our procedures the healing process takes Days not months. This allows us to closely monitor our patients with 24 hour Personal pre and post operative care at our on-site recovery Hotel. Our staff has ample experience in Oral Rehabilitation, Cosmetic Dentistry and other Dental Fields assuring you the best care and optimal outcome. Oral Rehabilitation, regardless of extension and difficulty, can be completed in one trip to Costa Rica, saving you time and money. Our on-site Dental Lab has a highly trained staff with more than 20 years of experience, with the necessary proficiency to meet our needs and our quality standards. This assures fast turnaround times, and no delays in delivering a finished smile that you can be proud of.



Great Work At a Great Price

You won’t find better quality dental implant work anywhere in the world. Contact us today to get more information on how you can change your life with the All on 8 dental implant solution